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Drones for Public Safety

Many Public Safety entities across the nation have begun to implement and deploy UAV Drones into their operations, and for good reason- instead of sending people into potentially dangerous situations, first-responder teams can now use drones to view and assess increasingly dangerous incidents from a safe distance.


Deployable in as little as a minute, and capable of providing instant video transmissions and secure network streaming, drones can act as a second set of eyes that can be positioned anywhere at a moment’s notice. Monitoring an active situation, finding objects of interest, and gathering evidence requires speed and accuracy. Drones can be deployed in minutes, to immediately and reliably capture high-resolution aerial imagery and data in problematic and hazardous situations.


Warrants, raids, barricades, and hostage situations are some of the most dangerous operations for police officers. An aerial perspective can help officers gain critical situational awareness while maintaining a safe standoff distance. ConnexiCore is ideal for providing critical monitoring of any high-risk situation where decisions need to be made quickly, and can remain enabled to stream live multicast video to officers and command posts simultaneously.


Effective Search and Rescue operations depend on speed to make all the difference in saving lives. Drones equipped with thermal imaging capability provides rescuers with the means to dramatically accelerate the search for lost or missing persons by highlighting thermal signatures and even detecting them through foliage, smoke and fog.

Drones are rapid launch aerial systems able to go from "stored' to "active mobile" in just minutes, and are ideal for urgent situations that need a bird's eye view as quickly as possible. As Rescue efforts transition to Recovery efforts, Drones can be used to create 3-D maps, models and orthomosaics that illustrate exactly where and to what extent an area has been damaged. This information helps governments and municipalities repair and rebuild communities damaged by natural disasters.


Modern police departments are facing numerous challenges, from budget cuts to increasingly sophisticated criminals. Tactical situations have also risen in complexity, along with public expectations to maintain safety for all citizens. Within this environment, modern police forces must remain nimble and responsive in the highly dynamic situations they face. Drones give law enforcement teams broad situational awareness, allowing them to formulate an appropriate response, even in the most complex and testing of environments.



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